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A hackerspace is a community-operated physical place, where people can meet and work on their projects.

We are a group of people dedicated to maintain such a space.

Opening hours

Monday -
Tuesday 20:00 - late main night
Wednesday -
Thursday 20:00 - late Makers Night
Friday first Friday of the month see events
Saturday -
Sunday -

Kun je onze locatie niet vinden? Bel ons op 024-42-002-42.


The best way to join Hackerspace Nijmegen is, ofcourse, by dropping by in person. We are usually open on tuesday evenings. Recently the space is open on more weekdays, please check our homepage or irc to know if we're open.

You can find us at:

Villanovastraat 4

By Email

For inquiries we can be reached by email on info@

Mailing lists

If you want to get involved you can subscribe to our mailinglist:

New Mailinglist Address.png (One can also subscribe using the website)


Join us on our IRC chat channel on Libera #hsnijmegen (TLS) - See https://libera.chat/guides/ for help with joining - or try it using the Libera Web Chat for a temporary account.


Alternatively join us on matrix.org: https://matrix.to/#/#hsnijmegen:matrix.org


space-phone: 024-42-002-42 (call will be responded if there is somebody present in the space)


In case you want to send us some money, send it over here:

  • IBAN: NL15 TRIO 0379 2391 16