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Capture-the-flag and wargames are online challenges to learn pen-testing step-by-step. There are tons of challenge websites out there to choose from in a range of difficulty levels (even for complete novices) and on a wide variety of topics, ranging from javascript vulnerabilities to stack-overflow exploits.

These games are particularly fun when played as a "race" against other people in the same room.

Organizer: you?

Where: the space (Elzenstraat 4A)

Next up:

When: TBD by organizer

Past occurances:


Organizer wanted:

Organizing is simple: set a date, anounce event, bring your laptop

Announcing events

  • send email to hackerspacenijmegen@lists.hsbp.org and events.hackerspacenijmegen@lists.hsbp.org.
  • anounce on irc (and add to topic)
  • put on meetup: themba Email.png and allurb4se have write access on our meetup group.