Event:November 1st: Invited speaker: Property testing

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By: Nick van den Broeck

When: Date: November 1st: 21:00

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  • Nick
  • themba

Where: the space (Elzenstraat 4A)

Audience: Anyone who is interested



Topic: A talk about Code testing and subsequent discussion possibility.


Think maintenance and debugging are boring?
There is a solution, and it's easier than you thought!
The solution is to test your code. Now, that might sound
anti-climactic. Let's be fair, testing has been around for ages.
Also, it's hard, time-absorbing.. Not a very good solution.
This is why I want to talk about a recent development in the
field of testing: property testing! Property testing is an easy,
fast and fun way to test your code very thoroughly.

Come to my talk and find out how you can code without hundreds of hours debugging!