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April 22nd 2018, from 11:00 till 17:00

Elzenstraat 4A

To see:

  • ASCII-art by Walter van der Cruijsen
  • Retro-TV’s by Jaap Meijers (see: http://retromedia.nl/ )
  • and more...

To do:

  • 3d printing
  • V-Plotter machine in action
  • hands-on Scratch
  • and more...

About Hackerspace Nijmegen

Hackerspace Nijmegen is a new (since april 2018) hackerspace where people with an interest in science, art, technology, (cyber)security or a combination thereof get together. It is a relaxing place for discussion and meeting new people, a social place for organizing workshops and lectures and a tool collection for collaborating on cool projects.

During the open day you can walk in and out whenever you want. There will be people at least from 11 till 17. You can talk to us, see the projects we are working on, try some things yourself, and taste a Club Mate (our preferred caffeine source). There are numerous artist in the same building who also have open day on the same day:

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