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The default MediaWiki editor is somewhat limited. Creating things like tables requires specific knowledge of MediaWiki markup. To make editing easier, other editors are proposed.

See also this list by MediaWiki.

First round of proposals


[BlueSpice][1] is a wysiwyg editor with Project Gutenberg like capabilities. It also features a nice theme.


[TinyMCE][2] is a wysiwyg replacement for the default editor. It has lots of options along a nice instant preview.


VisualEditor is what Wikipedia itself uses as a WYSIWYG editor. Extension page


https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:WYSIWYG "Maintained by Ontoprise's halo team, this is a production quality integration of MediaWiki and CKEditor."

The CKEditor / FCKEditor extensions themselves are deprecated.

First round of voting

  • Attendees: SA007, Joep, Sjors
  • Don't care: SA007
  • VisualEditor: Joep, Sjors
  • Others: no votes.

We go for VisualEditor for now.

We will attempt to install it, see if we like it, and if not, investigate some pros and cons of editors and based on that decide on a new one to try.