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Welcome to the Hackerspace Nijmegen Wiki!

Visiting in the real world

We're located at Villanovastraat 4, 6542JA Nijmegen. Call us (+31244200242) when we're open and the gate or entrance is closed. We've recently moved! We're still settling into our new space, so some facilities, such as our phone, aren't up and running yet.

Enjoyed your visit at our hackerspace and want more? Become a contributor!

Here's our general contact page

Staying in touch in the digital world

Join us on our IRC chat channel on IRCnet #hsnijmegen - See https://www.irchelp.org for help with joining!

We're also on Twitter: @hackerspace024.

We announce plans, meetups and interesting information on the mailinglist. To subscribe, go to the list website. To send a message to all members, send an e-mail to: New Mailinglist Address.png

Open when?

We've recently moved, and our meeting dates are a bit fluid at the moment. Please check on IRC or subscribe to the mailing list to be up-to-date!

The space is open:


Events (past and present)


Contributing to the wiki

  • Request an account
  • One of the wiki admins processes your request, and usually approves it.
  • Edit away!

It's a wiki: improve things! Join us in the conversation in #hsnwiki on IRCnet (same network as #hsnijmegen) if you have questions!

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