This is our Bar Computer.

Bar Computer

How to add products to the Bar

  • open a new tab: ctr+shift+N
  • open revbank.products with your favorite editor
  • add your product to the correct list (you can use the scanner to read the barcode)
  • save the file
  • close the tab: ctrl+D

Soda dispenser

Since april 2023 there is a deposit on metal cans, so Dutchmartin did a search on a postmix dispenser on marktplaats, and found a interesting old Coca Cola machine of type Siemens GA3000. At its previous owner, it stood in a shop for a while to serve customers. But after that it has been sitting idle in a barn. Currently we are getting syrup for it at the following vendors 1 2. Next to that, SA007 is looking for a way to refill the proprietary CO2 cilinders. The German name for this type of machine is “Minipom” and the American name is “Breakmate”. Our model contains a Danfoss TL2A compressor for cooling and is filled with R12 gas.