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Our hackerspace is operated by ourselves, it is what we make out of it. If you want to help us out, the following principles should serve as a guideline.


We have a monthly upkeep for operating the space, and everyone should share this burden equally. We also understand that we come from different social backgrounds with different economic resources available, thus we recommend everyone to pay 1/N (where N is the number of contributors) of the monthly upkeep, but we also accept that those with less means can pay less, but minimum half of 1/N, and those with more income pay more but maximum double of 1/N. In the end the only thing that matters is if we can pay the monthly rent, or not, in which case we disband the hackerspace due to there not being enough interest to maintain it.

If you want to contribute, send an email to info@.


We understand that getting a foothold in a meritocratic community is sometimes biased by factors outside of our influence. We acknowledge that there are social differences between our contributors, some have well paying jobs, others are students, others might be unemployed, prefering to be socially responsible, or even activists, with much less income. We do not judge based on economic strength but based on how beneficial the contributions of an individual are towards the community and its standing in society.

We thus allow contributors to keyholders even if they cannot share the burden of the upkeep cost equally. We also believe that those who have more economic resources are happy to share the burden of those who have less, especially if those with less resources are respected and important members of our community.


A hackerspace is about sharing resources (the space, tools, knowledge, etc). We understand that whatever we put in, we take out much more in other forms than that. One way of sharing is to take a bigger share of the monthly costs so we can allow others who are less fortunate to contribute in their own ways to our community. Those of us who are generous will surely own the respect of the community for showing solidarity and helping others.

We currently have people contributing fully to the upkeep costs without them wanting a key. These contributors understand that a hackerspace is a good thing to have, and even if they do not have the time to be present, they still contribute monthly to the upkeep.

Trust and Respect

Becoming a keyholder is not a right, but a privilege.

To earn the privileg to become a keyholder you must bear the trust and respect of the current community making up the hackerspace. If you want to get a key, we have to trust you:

 1. that you represent the space towards visitors in a respectful and
    responsible way,
 2. that you contribute to the upkeep according to your possibilities,
 3. that you maintain (and improve) on the infrastructure and
    facilities provided by us (e.g.: leave the place in a better
    condition than you found it)


How much is the monthly operating cost?

Rent and Utilities

We had a discount in the 1st 6 months and paid only €150 / month. Currently our rent is €220 / month.

For utilities we currently pay €137 / month.

Bank account

We pay Triodos €8,50/month + transaction cost (+ €20,-/year (card) - not sure if we even have a card)


Currently we pay €45.38 (incl btw) per month.

Total monthly upkeep

Our current costs are €410.5 (rent+internet+bank)

But this will increase a bit with our insurance when we have one.

Payment info

our bank account is:

- IBAN: NL15 TRIO 0379 2391 16

If you want to contribute, please send an email to info@.

A monthly reminder, including the recommended payment for that month, is sent to the mailing list.

If you want to set up regular payments, they're best timed around the 20th of each month.