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Let's do christmas dinner!

The idea is: everyone brings some dishes/drinks and we share everything. If everyone brings 1.5 person worth of calories that should work out more or less. Of course salads can be a little less. Also keep in mind that it would be nice if there is enough to make 10 to 15 reasonable sized portions so everyone can have at least one serving/try of each dish.

When: Tuesday December 18th at 19:00


Add your name or send an email to Email.png:

who what note
themba home-made christmas "stol" and salad
cyb3rgh0st desert
michiel (veg.) snert and ginger ale
SA007 sushi
priseko eggplant curry
joanna gyros salad or polish dumplings arrive at 20:30
natalia arrive at 20:30
Ed pasta and soup veg.
floris see above
stf wine
viola gluten free
minnozz quiche loraine
walter icecream and crisps and gluhwein
add more rows if needed...

Food restrictions/allergies:

if you have any, please come forward

Known so far:

  • gluten (1x)
  • meat (1x)

Other notes:

  • Depending on the number of participants there may not be enough cutlery in the space. Please consider bringing some from home.
  • There is a microwave oven so things can be reheated but besides that there are not a lot of preparation facilities in the space.
  • Volunteers wanted for christmassy space decorations (please don't bring a real tree :s).
  • bonus points will be awarded to people who can come up with hacker-related ingredients/dishes...