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Wordclock workshop


When: Friday October the 4th

Time: 19:00

Where: Hackerspace Nijmegen (Elzenstraat 4A)

(call 024-4200242 or 06-20086456 to open the gate and front door).

Language: English and/or dutch depending on attendants (let me know well in advance if you want an english front)

Cost: 25 euros

Max participants: 8


There are sufficient parts for 8 clocks. First-come-first serve. The list below is guiding. Registration is also possible via email(Email.png), irc (themba in #hsnijmegen on ircnet) or meetup but only become final once they appear here. Number of clocks is limited to 1 per person unless 1 week before the start of the workshop not all positions are taken. If you register here yourself, please also send me an email so that I can contact you in case of further questions or cancellation.

# Your name
1 Charl
2 dlacko
3 Luuk
4 Paul
5 Han
6 Mazena
7 Arjen
8 Mohin

# Waiting list:
1 Clare
2 Kirby
3 ...


The cost of the workshop is 25 euros to be paid by electronic transfer before the start of the workshop on NL10ASNB0706777514. This covers the cost of parts which is approximately 18. The extra 7 euros will go the Hackerspace Nijmegen. Either in the form of extra parts (when not all slots are taken) or in the form of a donation (if the total revenue exceeds the cost of all parts).

Note: The price does not include a usb power supply. A 2A supply is recommended but depending on firmware (i.e. how many led's will be on at once) more may be needed or you may get away with less.


The clock is build around an ikea ribba photo frame. The letters are formed by a lasercut sheet of black paper. There are two configurations: either the letters are in front of a white screen and light up when activated, or the latters are behind the screen and shine though the all-white front and the letters are invisible when not active. The lights are provided by 96 RGB addressable leds. The leds are controlled by a wifi-enabled esp8266 microcontroller. The microcontroller fetches the local time via ntp and will always be in perfect sync and even automatically adjust for daylight saving time.

The code is easily modified for different styles and effects. The is example code for several add-ons such as dimming at night (in case you place the clock in a bedroom) or showing the weather forecast instead of the time (requires a different letter grid).


repo with designs and firmware: https://bitbucket.org/sjoerdtimmer/wordclock/

Some photos