Event:Workshop Friday 7th of September: Milling printed circuit board using cheap chinese CNC mill

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Diy-circuitboard.jpg Diy-soldermask.jpg

By: Themba

When: Date: Friday September 7th, 2018 Time: 19:00

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  • themba
  • Sjors
  • hacker[m]
  • Rob
  • Robert
  • Simon
  • thvdburg +1
  • Erik

Where: the space (Elzenstraat 4A)

Adience: Anyone who is interested

Food: Workshop starts at 19:00. If there is sufficient interest, food will be ordered to be delivered at 18:00. Deadline for food ordering is 16:00.

Prerequisites: None. If you want you can bring a digital design (gerber) of a circuit board that you would like to make. I cannot guanrantee that we have time to make all.

Topic: DIY printed circuit board fabrication. I have recently spent some time to develop the procedure to make printed circuit boards at home. This evening I will walk you through the steps involved. It will be a bit like an interactive walk-through.

If other people are more experienced with etching (or even completely different methods of pcb fabricarion) I would love to experiment with that as well during the workshop. Maybe we can compare results/pros/cons.

There is some more info on my procedure Milling_PCB's_with_3018_Chinese_Desktop_CNC


  • drawing circuit board
  • isoluation routing
  • machine setup
  • milling
  • drilling
  • double sided boards
  • solder resist layer