Wishlist for the new space

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If it's not on the list doesn't mean we don't want it. Please get in touch ;-)

This is just a brainstorm, not all of these can be bought or donated, some need to be produced (such as space telemetry). Not all of these are a strict requirment to operate the space from the beginning but some are pretty essential.

Please add missing information. E.g., how many would be needed? put your name after the item if you can get one.

Item Needed Who is working on it Note
trashbin 1 large one, we have 3 small ones
Couches 2 we have one good one and one that smells of cigarettes
workbenches 1 we have one that needs to be raised a little
working tables michiel Michiel has many options available, I think that is sufficient
donation box 1 big, fat, red, flashing
accent lighting we have tl floodlight already
spot lighting
blinds or curtains
nameplate 2 for both front door and internal door? maybe wait a little to see if the logo is final
coat hanger 1 can be 3d printed?
toolboard michiel we'll use an old schoolboard with screws in it
small ladder/steps 1 to reach the ceiling
coffee machine 1 we already have senseo
pot for tea 1
cups for the above 10
disposable cutlery chack what we have already before buying
labelwriter 1
large flatscreen or beamer 1 sa007 for presentations
music installation possibly using the digiboard?
network cables
digital locks sa007 sa007 is making an inventory of what is possible/needed
space telemetry open/closed status
space server 1 cyberghost for space telemetry, spacenet ldap, revbank, rfid door stuff will probably all require at least some on-site infrastructure
soldering equipment 5
logic analyzer 1 old scope we have
tools hammer, hacksaw, pliers, calipers, etc. everying is welcome
consumables resistors, transistors, leds, nodemcu's, arduino's, etc.
power extension cords
co2 extinguisher 1
clock 1 themba a really cool wordclock
character increasing hackery elements
outward facing sign like an led-banner?