Event:Getting started with the Ultimaker 2 3d-Printer

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By: Themba

When: Date: Friday May 4th 2018 Time: 19:00

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Where: the space (Elzenstraat 4A)

Audience: This workshop is primary intended for our regulars but external participants with an interest in 3d printer are welcome to join.

Prerequisites: No knowledge is required. Please bring a laptop. Try to install Cura (preferably version >3) but don't worry if you cannot succeed before the workshop.

Topic: The Ultimaker 2 3d-printer is a dangerous (and expensive) machine and, although it is relatively easy to operate and hard to damage, it should not be used without receiving proper instructions beforehand. The easiest way to receive those instructions is by following this workshop. The idea is that anyone who attended is not only capable of using the machine but can also educate others to do so. Let the knowledge spread!

help wanted: If you already have experience with operating this machine or other 3d printers your input is welcome. I have sufficient knowledge of 3d printing to give this workshop comfortably but I am not the final expert so you may have more and/or better tips than I do. Please join the workshop.


  • 3d printer capabilities and limitations
  • preparing print jobs
  • starting a print
  • changing filament
  • common problems and how to solve them
  • plastic policy
  • unattended printing

If time permits on request any of these topics may be discussed:

  • materials and their merits
  • bed leveling
  • xy-axis calibration
  • 3d cad design
  • machine upgrades