Event:Mid Summer 2019 MeatUp: OMGRILLWTHACKBBQ

It's summer, it's holiday, it's hot. If there is a perfect time for a BBQ, it is now.

Me and Michiel both proposed the idea.

Note this is a animo check at this point, but if there is, this will take place.

When: Somewhere early in august? Where: HackerSpace Nijmegen


To organize a BBQ for the Hackerspace Nijmegen members. I'm not going to organize this on my own, so we need volunteers to...

  • Go for grocery shopping (probably on the day itself, the Coop is around the corner) [Me and ...?]
  • Prepare things (like salads) [Me and ...?]
  • Handle the BBQ it self
  • Someone with great grilling skills
  • Helping to clean things up afterwards [Me and ...?]

If someone sees him/herself fit for any of those tasks, please contact me or add yourself to the list above.

We will try to keep the costs reasonable and we'll split it up. It will be somewhere around €5 and €10.

I will get meat from Butcher shop "De Groene Weg" (among the best in Nijmegen), if you like meat from it too, we can negotiate something.