Event:Opening party

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we'll have a Grand Opening party


  • presentations? (add your/someone elses contribution)
    • Project PITCHFORK - stef
    • Sphinx passwords - stef
    • lockpicking 101 workshop - stef
    • Using a Logic Analyzer with the Arduino - what can it do for you? - Rob
    • 3D scanning - more than just making a 3D selfie - Rob
    • other methods to make pcb's at home - themba
    • v-plotter - themba/dlacko
  • food in the evening
  • muzak? DJ joostvb will bring some of his music
  • movies?
  • party?


food will be ordered (probably pizza or Chinese). Please let us know before ??? if you want to share in that. Costs will be about 10 euros. This can be done via the registration link above or in person on the day itself.