Event:Workshop FPGA

Workshop FPGA

Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA's) are highly versatile processing units with many applications in industrial settings. Lately they also find their way to the makers/hackers community due to decreasing prices. An FPGA consists of thousands of switchable transistors in a user-configurable layout. This makes for a controller that is real-time, but faster than a microcontroller, has the processing power that can compete with a cpu, provides parallelism that is more flexible and cheaper than a gpu.

The workshop will start with a general introduction and lots of hands-on tinkering after that so bring a laptop. I have prepared a number of examples/challenges to work on that emphasize the capabilities of fpga's.

The cost of the workshop is 23 euros and includes one lattice icestick fpga development board: https://nl.mouser.com/ProductDetail/842-ICE40HX1KSTICKEV Besides that a donation to the Hackerspace is recommended if you are not already a monthly contributor. See the website of the hackerspace for payment options.

If you already own an FPGA (lattice, xylinx or altera) you are invited to bring that. It is not mandatory to buy the icestick but it will be difficult to learn without any hardware to test on. Also, if you bring your own FPGA, install and activate the proprietary software distributed by the manufacturer.

The lattice icestick is one of the few fpga's that has a fully open source toolchain (yosys/icestorm). Please install platformio before the workshop. Either the CLI or the IDE will suffice.

The workshop will only happen if at least 3 people sign up for the shared buy. (Otherwise there is an excessive shipping fee)

No prerequisite knowledge is required. Since fpga programming is completely different from other programming languages no programming knowledge is assumed.


When: TBD

Time: TBD

Where: Hackerspace Nijmegen (Elzenstraat 4A)

(call 024-4200242 or 06-20086456 to open the gate and front door).

Language: English and/or dutch depending on attendants.

Cost: 25 euros

Max participants: 10


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