ProjectOne:Project Ideas that are too big to do on my own

These are some ideas I have collected. They are too big to take on by myself. I was hoping to collect a small team of people and collaborative work on these because hacking is more fun when done together. The list is not exhaustive and the ideas are open to suggestions and refinement. I think it would be best to pick another night than tuesday for working on this community project.

If you'd like to join, talk to themba on irc or email Email.png

Critical mass is 3.

mini RC hovercraft racing

Using drone parts, build RC hover crafts (see youtube) and a race track/obstacle track on the "pleintje" behind the space. We could also try to miniaturize the hover crafts so that they can be used indoors.

3d printer XXL

Build the biggest/fastest 3d printer ever. One that can print a functional chair in one part. Preferably within an hour. I was thinking 3mm filament and 2mm nozzle. We'll have to come up with a very strong extruder and a way to prevent oozing of material during travel. These are just 2 problems that I can foresee.

Cubic music control

Create a music service (on the bar pc?) that plays pre-created play-lists. Then create a wireless remote in the shape of a cube. Ideally the cube has no markings, no buttons and no lights. You control the music via an imu/accelerometer/compas/gyro in the cube. If you rotate the cube while it's lying on the table you turn the volume op/down. Flipping it over an edge could have one of several effects. Effects that I would like to see are: skip track, replay previous track, change play-list (we could have several for different moods). But I don't really know yet how the user would distinguish them. Maybe we do have to embed some symbols on the edges or the faces of the cube. From each face you have 4 sides that you can turn to. They could be next/prev track and next/prev playlist. Or each face could have a meaning. In the latter case not the flip, but the upside face after the flip determines what is playing. It would be cool if you can also turn the music off: Maybe you have to put it in a dock that it somehow recognizes (maybe the cube is balanced on a corner when it's in the dock or it has wireless charging inside?) to turn the music off. Alternatively you could just pause the playback when volume reaches 0. A cool feature could be that it randomizes the playback when you shake the cube.

Cooperative Multi-player cardboard VR game

A while ago I was playing some cooperative cardgames with friends and they are a lot of fun. Cooperative games are games where all players win together or lose together. Usually you play against a randomized adversary. I would like to make a cooperative cardboard VR game. The google cardboard sets are inexpensive but you can also have more rigid phone-to-vr adapters for a few bucks nowadays (look in the Action). They don't have the quality of an occulus but it is certainly quite nice. One of the drawbacks is that there is limited input capabilities. This could either be solved by choosing a game that requires no input. (E.g. cooperative pacman where you play the ghosts and you simply walk in the direction that most closely aligns with your viewing direction. I can really see this working as a collaborative game if players cannot see the maze but can score upgrades where they can fly up for a while to tell the others which way they should go). Alternatively, we have to create hand-held controllers (could be as simle as a hand-held trigger, it could contain accelerometer+compas etc, or even a wiimote like setup (I've heard wiimotes are quite hacker friendly so we may even try to repurpose some)). Either connected to the usb port on your phone (most new androids have usb-otg that I believe could be used from inside an app but I don't know for sure) or via wifi. I think it would be great if we could "upgrade" an arcade classic like pacman, bomberman, space invaders or asteroids (imagine that one player steers the ship, another fires lasers and another does long range scanning or something like that) to the VR domain. There is also "empty epsilon" (it's a bit obscure but I know the creator so we may be able to get support on that) which we could try to upgrade to VR. The big plus of that is that (for an open source game) there has been done relatively much work on fun missions to play. Imagine how cool something like that could be...

Drawing machine XXL

extent our drawing machine to draw huge paintings/drawing on walls, as big as you can imagine them to be. For this we need to scale up the mechanical parts (motors, belts) and reinvent the drawing part (should be move to paintgun?).

We could exploit the drawing machine for assignments of companies and governments, and for our own PR. One first deadline could be the weekend 7-9 September for the Big Draw Nijmegen festival


With this app you could use your mobile device to put drawings and tags everywhere where the is a wall our a static object. The drawings you make/spray will be visible by others that use the app, and are tagged on a (openstreetmap) map so that other can find your piece of art. This app could develop to be a game, a art-exhibition or a social experiment.

game-aspect: find a secret route with arrows, and hints marked on spot you can only access with the app. Will this be the next pokemon?

art-exhibition: invite people to make a drawing somewhere, like real street-artist. After a while a city full of piece of art emerge.